A Complete Guide to Car Air, Fuel and Oil filters

Car air filters, fuel filters, and oil filters are very essential for keeping your car’s engine running smoothly. These filters ensure that no debris or dirt accumulates anywhere in the engine parts and the car keeps running steadily. If these components do not function properly, there is a high chance that the engine may have a breakdown and the car will wreck completely. 

What are the functions of the car air filter, fuel filter, and oil filters? 

Car Air Filter: The car air filter does not allow debris of dirt to enter your car engine. It blocks the maximum amount of dust from the outer atmosphere.

Fuel Filter:  This filter prevents dirt and contaminants from entering the fuel injection system and eventually keeps the fuel nozzles clean. Thus, the fuel filter helps in supplying clean fuel to the engine. This in turn gives your car better performance and increases fuel economy.

Oil Filter: This filter regularly cleans the oil before it is used in running the engine. The absence of an oil filter can completely ruin the running of the car engine. So, it is very important to use only the best oil filter for your car engine.

When to change the air filter, fuel filter, and oil filters?

Generally, an engine air filter should be changed once a year or every 20000 km. In fact, engine air filters, fuel filters, and oil filters should be checked whenever the car goes for service.

The car mechanic will tell you the right time to change or replace these filters. But on average the filters should be changed annually.

How do you determine the age of the car filters?

car air filters good and bad

Stopping the contaminants from entering the fuel, oil, and eventually, the car engine is a tedious task with the amount of pollution these days. These filters get clogged and jammed due to the pollutants stopped by them. And if these jammed filters are not changed or replaced, they cause mighty problems to the car performance. 

For example, if you find that the engine oil filter has been clogged and there is less oil flowing in the moving parts of the engine and thus resulting in putting a strain on the engine, it is a direct hint that the filter has aged enough, and needs a repair or replacement.

What happens once you replace the air filter, fuel filter, and oil filter?

The replacement determines an enthralling performance. These clean filters ensure that your car engine is running efficiently and all the debris and contaminants are kept at bay.

You will also notice a better mileage of your car when you do air filter replacement, fuel filter replacement, or an oil filter replacement.

How to change air filters?

Changing the air filter is a pretty easy job. It can save you a visit to the car service center and also some bucks for your pocket. Just be sure to buy the correct air filter that suits your machine.

To change an air filter, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the hood of the car and locate the air filter box. The air filter box is usually placed on the side or the top of the car engine.
  2. Carefully open the air filter box and remove the old engine air filter and replace it with the new one.
  3. Then place the box again in its original position and your job is done.

How To change fuel filters?

If you are struggling with a starting problem of your vehicle, then it is time to change your fuel filters. A car fuel filter can be changed by you if you have some technical experience of unmounting the fuel filter or the fuel line. If you do, then you have to release the pressure from the fuel line initially. Post this you can locate the fuel filter according to the car model, and then remove the old filter by loosening its support and replace with the new one firmly.

fuel filter replacement

However, if you do not have adequate knowledge, you should leave the job to the professionals. Changing fuel filters is not a costly affair but could prove to be the one if the job is done not properly.

How to change the oil filter?

Changing an oil filter has two variants. One is wherein you just change the oil filter without draining the old oil and the second is wherein you drain the old oil and replace the filter and oil. Which type of filtration your car engine needs can be determined by its usage type and performance characteristics.

bosh oil filter

To drain the old oil from the engine, one needs to put their car on the ramp and locate the oil drain plug beneath your car engine. It is recommended that the process of changing the car oil filter should be done by the professionals or by the people who know the “know-how” of the car engine mechanisms so that you avoid any mishappenings or technical errors. 

Remember changing an oil filter is like changing an engine filter. Your engine will feel new and perform better.

What oil filter do I need?

To determine the type of oil filter that you need you should know the dimensions of the oil filter. The height and diameter of the filter are very important. Your manual will give you the precise knowledge of the filters to be used. If you still have doubts you should consult a professional.

Once the dimensions are set, you can decide on the brand of the oil filter. Bosch oil filter and oil filter magnet are the best oil filters in the industry. You can rely completely on them for the best performance of the vehicle.

How long will it take by the professionals to change all the filters?

To make the car and its components compact, car companies are placing filters in more complex places. But all modern car services these days are also equipped with the best technology to make their jobs accurate and less time-consuming. Once located, the filters should not take more than a day to be replaced.


Now that you have understood the importance of car filters for oil, air, and fuel; keep an eye on them and change them regularly. Debris, pollutants, dust, contaminants are all kept away from polluting the car engine and the cabin, with the help of these filters.

Proper maintenance will take your car a long and healthy way. They may seem like minor things but they are very important in enhancing the overall efficiency and performance of your car. 

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