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Car covers are probably the most ignored accessory while buying a car, but ask the ones who own a car cover and they will tell you the truth. Car covers are one of the important accessories that are needed to keep your car in good order. Even if you have closed garage parking, good car covers are a must. And if you park your car outdoors for a long time, then keep in mind that car covers are absolutely mandatory. 

Car covers have come a long way from being just a piece of cloth or sheet that covers your car. They not only protect your car from dust and dander but also protect them from rust, molds, and scratches. Some car covers are known to protect your cars from stormy winds and weather damages. 

Custom car cover has multiple advantages. Which car cover to go for depends on a lot of things. You could go for the basic one if you use indoor car parking but as a good rule always try to stick with the best car cover brand.

But if you have outdoor car storage, you may consider things like the weather, budget, type of your car, and the level of protection you want to give to your car.

Car covers come in multiple makes and quality. Our ultimate car cover guide will provide you with all the answers related to car cover queries. And then you can easily decide which car cover you want to go for.

custom car cover

Why cover a car for storage?

This is a completely valid question because the least importance has been given to car cover from the beginning. Only the ones who have used it knows its importance. But the truth is, everyone who has a car needs to have a car cover. No matter what type of car storage units you have, you NEED a car cover. 

The benefits of a car cover

The benefits of having a car cover are numerous. A car cover protects your car from various possible external damages.

However, some of the benefits are:

  • Protects your car from mold, rust, and bird droppings.
  • Protects your car from scratches, UV rays, and keeps your paint shine as bright as new.
  • Protects your car from dust and pollutants even when your car is in indoor car storage.
  • Additional protection to your car from thefts
  • High-quality car covers protect your car from hail, snow, rain, and other weather damages to your car.
  • The breathable fabric assures that your car looks new for a long period. 
car cover for snow

How to choose a car cover for outdoor storage?

If you are looking for a car cover for outdoor storage you need to keep multiple things in mind. Firstly, you need to scrutinize the place that is your vehicle storage area. Then you will need to do a weather check of your neighborhood. And finally, you need to determine your budget to spend on the car cover. 

A basic car cover is a waterproof and breathable fabric that protects your car from dust, pollution, bird dropping, UV rays, and rust. If you have basic weather at your place like rains but not heavy, and appropriate sunlight you could buy a version just a bit better than the basic one. 

But if you have heavy rains, hail, snow, extreme sunlight you should buy the premium range to get protection from all kinds of weather damage. Well, there is even an extra premium range that protects your vehicle from hailstones, storms, and other extreme weather. 

Plus, spending on a car cover is any day better than spending on garages, the car storage prices might get too heavy on your pockets.

So, buy your car cover keeping all the above factors in mind and you will end up keeping your car hale and hearty for a long time.

How to cover a car for outdoor storage?

To get your outdoor car covers right, you will have to list out the possible threatening to your car from the outside world. These include dust, pollution, extreme weather, extreme sunlight, and even thefts. Once you know the threats you can get the best possible protection cover for your car. 

Get a waterproof car cover and the one that is customized to cover your car properly. The tighteners should allow the cover to fit intimately to your car.

‘One size fit all’ may not be a good option as it may not provide proper fittings and there are chances of dust entering the cover if the cover is too large. 

And it is also difficult to remove and put the cover that is not particularly customized for your car. But if the general cover fits your car, you could go for it to save the money. 

Cover the car properly with all the loops and belts fitted perfectly. The cover should take the shape of the car without difficulty. There should be no space for water or dust to enter the cover. It should be a perfect fit. The best car cover provides the best value for long-term car storage.

car cover for rain

What kind of car cover is good for outdoor storage?

A car cover that is extremely reliable and efficient is the one that is custom made for your car according to the climatic conditions of your area and surroundings. These custom car covers assure that no dust, weather, or sunlight damages your car. 

The car cover is built in such a way that it fits perfectly and there is no issue of any foreign material entering the car. These covers assure that your car is protected from minor scratches too. The fabric is built in such a way that even its removal and putting procedure are smooth and soft on the car. 

The waterproof car cover provides protection from UV rays, does not heat up or cool down your vehicle, is smooth on the body of the car, is the best car cover. You should feel that your car is completely protected when the car is covered. And when you remove the cover, it should be standing there just as you left it- sparkling clean. 

custom car covers

Amazon car covers have proved to provide customers with a huge variety of car covers to date. The true custom car covers reviews help us in determining and choosing the best car covers.

How to pick the best car storage cover?

The best car cover is the one that provides all-round protection to your car and is made of the best waterproof material. Your car is going to suffer every possible outdoor threat and the car cover should be compatible in safeguarding your car from them. If you park your car indoors you could choose a basic car cover to protect from dust, rust, and scratches. 

But if you are going for outdoor storage then you need a heavy-duty car cover which suits and fits in all of your requirements. If you have frequent hailstorms in your area, you need a sturdy car cover that provides hail protection for cars.

To get the best outdoor car cover, talk to experienced people who have been using them. Then buy car covers from a renowned and established vendor. It should be a foolproof and one-time investment. Read the reviews intricately and then choose wisely. 

You can go online and check for the people who have the same car like yours and are using car covers. Note down the pros and cons and then decide according to your needs. 

What is the car cover for snow?

A car snow cover is a heavy waterproof cover that protects your car from the ultimate snowfall. Even when the snow is fallen and rested on the car for hours, there are no frozen windshields or starting issues. The car cover for snow is like a car tent cover that keeps the car temperature maintained. 

car cover for snow

The car snow covers have modified openings for easy access in the car when the car is surrounded by heavy snow. The best car cover for snows has a little heavy fabric but they are all worth it as they keep the car safe and sound.

There are even options to just cover the windshield and the mirrors of your car from snow. These covers avoid frosting providing the best visibility.


A car cover is the best investment that you can make to keep your car protected. These covers assure ultimate protection from the little scratches to extreme weather disasters if used properly with care. 

There are car covers that can even be controlled by your mobile phone to fill the air and become puffed to protect from a hurricane, and then there are covers that have anti-theft devices installed too alarming you at the right time. So, it all depends on how much you are willing to spend and what features you want to opt for. 

No matter what your budget is, you must get a car cover. This small investment will go a long way in maintaining your car and keeping its condition as good as it can be. 

Plus, you will be in peace of mind that even in the outdoor storage your car is perfectly safeguarded under the covers. 

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