Everything You Need to Know About Car Tires

Your car tires and wheels support your car and keep it moving. Nobody can imagine being transported from one point to another without them. And no matter how powerful your car engine is. Or how beautiful or luxurious your ride is, excellent tires complete their value. Unfortunately, many car owners avoid changing them and leave everything at great risk.

For instance, when it’s about road safety, car tires are the most crucial components of your car. If you look at the science behind the braking system, the pads don’t stop the car, but cease the wheel, allowing you to immediately stop the entire car in case of an emergency.

Car tires are supportive structures attached to the rims of wheels. They are made up of composite materials, rubber, and polymers. Car wheels provide strength and support. It is like a muscle-bone relationship. Parts of the wheel include the car rim. And apart from safety, you cannot enjoy the road if your vehicles have low-quality tires.

Worn out car tires, which have irregular tread patterns, demands excessive power, and as a consequence, the engine consumes more fuel, and you end up paying extra on the gas.

So, to make sure you drive with smoothness and powerful traction, here are the top 10 tires for your car.

best tires for my car
1 Joyroad 195/70R14 All Season Tyre
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Joyroad 195/70R14 All Season Tyre

Free Delivery; UK Based customer service; No Hidden Charges; Fast dispatch; Item is tyre only, no wheel included

The Joyroad 195/70R14 All Season Tyre is designed and made for smooth rides and can build a deep connection with the road, as the driver can feel the smoothness in the drive and less noise. 

Engineered through top standards, these UK made high-quality tires are specifically designed for all-season drives. The tires come with a label and that’s for sure to boost the branding. Classified as fuel-efficient tires available in the market and fit to most of the top brand’s vehicles. The 15 kg tires with 14 inches diameter make the size highly compatible while its advanced configuration allows less resistance to pass over the suspension. Less punctured and have great tread elements for a great ride. The company will dispatch the product quickly and you find the manufacturer’s warranty along with these tires. There are no hidden charges while the company can directly ship the tires to the customer’s address. Isn’t great? So, choose the best tires to improve your drive efficacy!  
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2 Goodyear Winter Tires 195/65R15 UltraGrip
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Goodyear Winter Tires 195/65R15 UltraGrip

Price refers to a single piece. GOODYEAR TYRE ULTRAGRIP 9+ 195/65 R15 91T

Goodyear Winter Tires 195/65R15 UltraGrip tires are perfect for snowy rides and you find the size highly compatible.

The overall grip is nice as engineered through premium processes to ensure a great road grip. These tires are mostly been installed the passenger vehicles with a size: 195/65R15! The directional tread design with sweeping grooves is to ensure assisting through wet places and water channels.

Angled with three-dimensional TredLock Technology sipes to add more control in the steering turns and drive will find a positive difference in road grip all the way, even on the slippery and snowy roads! When it comes to winter tires selection for the large passenger vehicle, these highly intense center of gravity tires win the race for sure.

You can install these tires at sedans, minivans, and other passenger vehicle’s wintertime traction. Affordable and reliable, mostly comes with a manufacturer warranty and easily available across the globe.

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Editor choice 3 Pirelli Cinturato 225 45 R17 All Season Tyres
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Pirelli Cinturato 225 45 R17 All Season Tyres

THE CINTURATO P7 ALL SEASON PLUS IS DESIGNED TO PROVIDE HIGHER PERFORMANCE, SAFETY AND DURABILITY WITH LESS ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTCOMFORT IN ALL SEASONSLongitudinal and lateral siping (cutting thin slits across rubber) provides greater stability in all weather, even wet conditions. Its exclusive...

The Pirelli Cinturato 225 45 R17 has 47 percent longer tread wear, making sure the fuel consumption is very efficient.

All-season performance is one of the major features of these Pirelli Cinturato Tyres. Mostly preferred for private cars and not for the large busses and passenger vehicles. You find these tires are working perfectly up to 70,000 miles and with improved road performance!

These tires successfully build a deep connection with the road, allowing us to pass on fewer vibrations, lower CO2 emissions, and improved mileage. The balance of Pirelli Cinturato 225 45 R17 is really great and highly appreciated.

The material used to engineer the product is durable and that’s why these tires can run perfectly to 70 thousand miles. The drivers love the 3D sipe technology which definitely improves the steering handling, and lowers down the braking distance! Find these tires affordable and reliable products to buy and these will intensify the look of your car. 

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4 Nexen  N Priz 4S XL 215/55 All-Season
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Nexen N Priz 4S XL 215/55 All-Season

Roadstone N Priz 4S 215/55 R16 97V All Season Tyre GTAM T171678 without Rim

Nexen N Priz 4S XL 215/55 R16 are mostly from the current fresh production.

The older tires are always marked with a dot and you can easily differentiate that either the tire is 36 months older or more than that! Once again, these tires are favored for all seasons. 

Feel free to drive on the wet road or dry surface – you will find the tires have a great connection and grip to the road.

The treads are designed to add more steering control and these are made to gain the top speed. The drivers can even enjoy up to 240 Km/h road drive as these tires support fast track performances.

Not recommended for the passenger’s vehicle and that’s why you will witness these tires are installed in private cars. These are 16 inches in size, more in height than the regular 14 inches tires. Great value against price and you can enjoy maximum yield while driving through all the tracks.

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5 Imperial Snow Dragon 225/55R17 Winter Tire
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Imperial Snow Dragon 225/55R17 Winter Tire

Price refers to a single piece. IMPERIAL TYRE SNOWDRAGON UHP 225/55 R17 97H

Imperial Snow Dragon 225/55R17 – best for the winter season, rainy days, and wet roads.

The branded imperial swondragon tires are the driver’s first choice. You can’t ignore their great mobility and excellent road grip, as engineered through top-quality processes. Not recommended for the large passengers’ vehicles and comes with Standard Limited Warranty.

Find the tread enhancing the grip while allowing a greater grip to steering. The balance of these tires is perfect and that’s why people prefer to buy this pair of tires. The product size is 225/55 R17 and it’s a very decent size recommended for private cars.

Most of the drivers find these tires can be accelerated to a top speed of the cars with a great grip even during the winter season. Enjoy a more balanced ride and leverage your car’s performance to retain its life. Less exposed to puncture and comes at a fair price.

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Editor choice 6 Dunlop Winter Sport  245/40 R18 97V
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Dunlop Winter Sport 245/40 R18 97V

TYRE SIZE: 245/40 R18Inches Size (Height x Width x Depth): 18Specification: Winter TyresTYRE Manufacturer,: DunlopTire tread: Winter sport 3DTYRE ID: AOTYRE WIDTH: 245Cross Section: 40Load Index: 97TYRE SPEED INDEX: V = 240 km/hTYRE Quality Men's Waterproof & Windproof Wool Flat Cap in mm:...

Dunlop 245/40 R18 Winter Sport – top-class winter tires with a much-improved road grip and can be used to attain the top speed of the vehicle.

These tires come in perfectly fitting with the car and have an excellent balance.

The drive can feel the difference in ride and road grip. The Dunlop 245/40 R18 Winter Sport also offers excellent comfort levels. The tires are engineered through prime standard processes and feature jointless band technology to confirm durability.

The driving pressure never affects the life of the tires and through the tough treads, the driver can feel control in steering. The pressure resists off and hence the tires never passed massive vibrations to the driver and suspension, resulting in a smooth ride!

The tires quickly adopt the brakes and your car will never slip out. A great product for the car with a limited warranty and a great life span on the road. Make sure to drive safer on the road throughout winter by installing these tires. 

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7 Kumho Crugen 255 55 R19 Tire 111V TL
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Kumho Crugen 255 55 R19 Tire 111V TL

The Kumho Crugen Summer 255 55 R19 tires are an exceptional choice during the summer off-road drives. Mostly preferred for the 4-wheel drives as these are specifically designed for great performance over uneven roads. These tires have low rolling ...

The Kumho Crugen Summer 255 55 R19 tires are an exceptional choice during the summer off-road drives.

Mostly preferred for the 4-wheel drives as these are specifically designed for great performance over uneven roads. These tires have low rolling noise and it is considered the most advanced feature. This is preferred for family-sized luxury SUVs and you can take a tour to any hill station with these tires, on a sunny day even.

These tires add more luxury to the SUV performance on the road and add more comfort in the drive. A balanced performance over the road with great rolling resistance. People also use Kumho Crugen Summer 255 55 R19 tires for the winter seasons over wet roads.

Find a great improvement in the efficiency of your car’s fuel. You can get these delivered at your doorstep by online booking and powered by 1-year limited warranty. So, gear-up your car with advanced tires and enjoy a smooth ride. 

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Best seller 8 Winter Tyres Michelin 255 45 R20 Alpin
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Winter Tyres Michelin 255 45 R20 Alpin

Price refers to a single piece. MICHELIN TYRE PILOT ALPIN 5 PA5 SUV XL * 255/45 R20 105V

Winter Tyres Michelin 255 45 R20 Alpin is the perfect partner for your four-wheel drive.

Install these tires to your SUV and other exotic cars and find a smooth drive with more balance on the road. The drivers can achieve the top speed of the car without any hindrance.

No external rolling noise and an ideal grip on the wet roads. Drive with comfort during the rainy days as these tires get connected with the roads like a roller coaster over the pattern.

These are 13.9 kg in weight and 20 inches in height, supporting a great rolling capacity and have a long life.

You can expect these tires to easily pass on vibrations and small jerks without the driver’s discomfort. Feel a positive difference in your car’s fuel level and you will observe a great improvement in actual road performance.

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Best value 9 Hankook Kinergy 185/65R14 86H All-Season Tire
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Hankook Kinergy 185/65R14 86H All-Season Tire

90,000 mile tread life warranty; Highway use tread design computer-optimized for comfortable ride and all-season performance; Four center grooves channel water and reduce hydroplaning

These Hankook Kinergy 185/65R14 All-Season Tires are engineered through modern processes and designed for all-season performance.

When it comes to adding perfection to your road trips, tires are at the absolute top list 90,000-mile tread life warranty assured tires confirm a perfect road grip and add smoothness to your road drive. 

The item weighs around 13.6 kg, 14 inches in size, and highly competitive price. Best fit for modern vehicles and you can’t ignore its four center grooves channel water. Moreover, the all-season tires have reduced hydroplaning!

The tires have strength and resistance to punctures with having twin steel belts. These purposes to reduce the vibration of the road and also avoid the resistance to pass on the suspension. These are the best tires of the long Mileage, supporting a comfortable drive and you will find it excellent during the snowy season. Find these tires rolling over the roads in a great way. 

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Best price 10 Blacklion Summer Tire 175/70R14 Cilerro
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Blacklion Summer Tire 175/70R14 Cilerro

EXCELLENT QUALITY AND GOOD PRICE : A very good economy branded Long lasting ,trustworthy and excellent grip Made for all weather and low road noise Grip rating and speed rating are outstanding If you are looking for low price and good quality tyres be quick and buy it today before it finishes. ....

Blacklion Summer Tire 175/70R14 Cilerro BH15 84T is a perfect series of tires for your beloved vehicle.

Your road trip smoothness is incomplete without compact tires. These are the summer tires without rim with 14 inches height and approx. 175 mm in width. These are currently in production and available in new conditions.

The tire promotes great all-weather traction. The tires absorb the vibrations and you feel a difference in smoothness while allowing the intense jerks to pass on the suspension. There are tread elements that are engineered to improve the road grip and increases the surface connection between the tires and roads.

The driver will definitely observe that the steering becomes faster and more controlled. So, for those looking for all-weather traction, more improved control, and high-level comfort, these tires are the gift for those who love to enjoy a calm and smooth ride. Even the road sound of these tires is ignorable.

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Best Car Tires Buying Guide & FAQ

tires buying guide

Car tires play a crucial role, and keeping them in good condition is no easy feat. It involves changing your tires at the right time, knowing the right tires and rims size. You must also know the appropriate tire pressure and when to rotate your wheels. The brakes might not work well if the tires are in bad condition.

How Are Tires Graded?

The good thing is, it is super easy to know the size of your tires. A simple solution is to look at your vehicle owner’s manual. You should find all the information you need. Many new models include this information on the driver’s door. If you can’t find the manual, you can still get the size of your wheels with the information provided on your original equipment (OE) tire. This is also known as the stock tire.

You will find the DOT code on the sidewall of your tire. It is an alphanumeric code. For example, if you find this as your code P205/55R16 90S you can determine the wheel dimensions, aspect ratio, and other useful information. The first letter(s) stand for the vehicle type. P, LT T, and ST stand for passenger, light truck, temporary, and special tires respectively.

what do tire ratings mean

The first 3 digits represent the car rim size. The width is measure in millimeters. You can convert this to inches by 25.4 to get the figure in inches. The second set of digits represent the aspect ratio. The aspect ratio is the ratio of the sidewall height to the wheel width. It is expressed in percentage.

The letter next to it represents the arrangement of the ply cord used internally. R and D stand for Radial, and Diagonal arrangement. The next digit represents the wheel diameter. So in our example above shows that the wheel diameter. This shows the tires have 16-inch rims. The last number and letter represent the load index and the speed rating.

What Tire Fits my Car?

Before we answer the question, there are more things you need to know. Changing your car wheels and tires will have some effects on your vehicle. Depending on what you change, it will affect the handling, fuel consumption, performance, speedometer and odometer readings, and breaking.

Some of these changes may improve your overall driving experience. You may want wide tires and rims for better grip and handling. As long as you consider the offset and clearance, you can increase the rim and tire width. 

If you want cooler wheels with larger diameters, you should subtract the same extra length from the tire height to give a low profile tire. This is called plus size. For example, if you decide to change from 17 inch tires to 18 inch tires, the sidewall height must be reduced.

What is The Right Tire Pressure For My Car?

The pressure of your tires is very crucial, not just for a smooth riding experience but for safety. Maintaining the right tire pressure also improves your mileage and reduces wear and tear. PSI stands for pounds per square inch. Hence the abbreviation PSI. We bet you must have heard it before. PSI is a unit for measuring pressure.

right tire pressure

We can’t talk about car tires without talking about tire pressure. When tires are spinning, their pressure increases because of friction heat. When not in use, the gases inside the tires are cooling and return to an equilibrium state. When you measure the pressure with a car tire pressure gauge, you get the cold pressure. You get a consistent, and accurate pressure value when the car wheel isn’t rotating.

Using a tire air pump to inflate your tire to the maximum pressure listed on the sidewall is a terrible idea. The pressure at this level is not good for the tires and unsafe for driving. The good value for your tire pressure is 75% of the maximum value.

How Often to Replace Tires?

Some manufacturers offer extended periods of life. High-performance tires offer about half the life regular tires do. You should know that the average American drives 14,000-15,000 miles a year. With these figures, your tires should last you about 4-6 years.  You may need to change your tires independent of their age or mileage covered.

Many things can affect the life of a tire. As time goes by, components in a tire begin to deteriorate. This slowly compromises the quality. We recommend changing your tires if they are older than six years. The weather, your route, and the way you drive will affect the tire lifespan even when you haven’t surpassed the stipulated mileage.

how often to replace tires

High temperatures cause over-inflation and low temperatures cause under-inflation which leads to low tire pressure. Like all things, you need to have proper tire maintenance culture. There’s no right time if they are already troubling. However, you should instantly replace them after traveling for 20,000 miles. And do not waste a second on choosing the new pair if you find the old ones unroadworthy to avoid mishaps.

The front tires on most cars tend to wear out faster than the rear tires, even on four-wheel drives. This is because of the load they bear, being closer to the engine in front. They also undergo more stress during steering and braking. Tire rotation is the maintenance practice of repositioning the tires on your car to ensure uniform wear.  

If you buy a pair of new tires you can swap them for the rear tires and put the original rear tires in front. There are advantages to this.


The road becomes silk when the tires are tremendous. If you miss how your car used to look when you bought it for the very first time, then try modifying your tires. Most drivers blame poor efficiency on the engine without noticing the other crucial elements, such as the tires.

And even after spending a fortune on the tuning and servicing the rest of the car, they don’t get a visible difference. Therefore, you need to have a deep inspection of your vehicle’s tires. Because many times the problem lies there.

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