Dash Cam: Everything You Need to Know

The invention of Dash Cams was a feather in the hat for the automobile industry. From being evidence in a car accident to preventing car accidents from happening, dash cameras are more useful than you can think. 

Dash cams have the ability to record audio/video and also have sensors to prevent the car from hitting anything that comes in the proximity of the car. Dash Cams are a really good investment and can literally save you and your family from deadly accidents. Plus, they even help you a lot in parking the car anywhere and everywhere. 

When looking for a Dash Cam make sure you go for the best car dash cam in the market. This is one accessory that can save your life, thus there should be no compromise in buying it. 

In this article, we will tell you everything you want to know about the dash cameras. You will also be technically educated about the best dashcam that fits in your budget and your car. To add, it’s not only about the budget, utility, and security, but it even adds a luxurious feel to your car. 

Why Should I Buy a Dash Cam?

A Dash Camera is not a necessary or mandatory accessory but is surely a recommended one. A Dash Cam for a car has much more utilities than just assisting in parking spaces. Apart from being helpful in preventing accidents while driving, it can record thefts and illegal activities that happen near or inside your car. It also holds important evidence if any mishappening happens with your car. Also, it promises additional safety and security for your car.

Which Car Dash Cam Is the Best?


The best dash cam is the 360 dashcam. This means it provides a 360-degree angle of your vehicle and its surroundings. The Car Dash Cam Dual is another feature that you may consider. Again, it is not necessary but it is way better to have a dual Dash Cam. A dual dash cam includes two cameras that cover both the front and the rear of the vehicle. Always remember your Car Dashcam should have the best quality optical system and cameras.

How do Dash Cams Work?

Dashcams are working like any digital video recording. The principle is the same as your smartphone camera. They all have a built-in battery but to work properly should be connected to the power source of the cigarette lighter or phone charger in the car. These cameras are fitted on the windshield of the car and the rear portion of the car. They are fixed in such a position that they provide a safe view of the surrounding of the car. 

These cams have memory storage, night vision, audio/video recording to provide you with maximum safety. If you are willing to spend more you can go for dashcams without wires and also the ones which have additional sensors. These cams have the ability to provide you with recordings and motion alerts even when your car is stationary or parked. 

The Ultimate Dash Cam Buying Guide

Why Dash Cam Is Important?

Dash cams are important primarily to save you from accidents. Even a minor dent or bump in the car can cause a budget imbalance. So, to save the car from major and minor injuries a good dash camera is a must.

A front and rear cameras can make you a parking pro without giving your car a single scratch. A dashcam 360 can aid you a lot while driving in a bumper to bumper traffic. Even in the worst circumstance if you meet with an accident with a dashcam installed, the recording will be evidence in legal or insurance matters. 

How to Install a Dash Cam?

A no wire or Dash Cam that is powered through the phone charger can be installed by the user himself. Generally, when you buy a Dash Cam, the installation process is done by the company themselves. A Dash Cam Installation should be done by the professionals if it requires internal wiring or connections to the battery power. It would be a Dash Cam best buy if you get the installation included when you buy a dashcam.

What are the differences between Dash Cams?

Well, if you go to buy a Dash Cam there are innumerable options to buy from. From technology to camera clarity you will find something for everything. There are dash cams with Wi-Fi, dash cams with parking mode and inbuilt Bluetooth connections, GPS, and every possible feature for a camera. Go for the one that suits your budget and provides the ultimate camera clarity. Then post that you can increase or decrease your budget according to the add on features. 

The Dash Cams also are rear-facing, front-facing, and in-cabin cameras. You can choose any one of them or all of them according to your needs.

Which Dash Cam Is the Best?

From the best Dash Cams available, make sure to choose the one with the best camera clarity and a night vision mode. The view distance of the camera should also be perfect according to the size of your car. The dashcam front and back should be of the best quality and have a proper warranty and guarantee. 

Moreover, you should also go for the Dash Cam that provides sensors for parking and warnings of proximity. The dash cams should also be weather resistant, and should not get overheated or unstable in extreme weather.

How to choose the right Dashcam or In-Car Camera | reichelt.com

Which Dash Cam to Buy?

When you are planning to buy a Dash Cam, first make sure to survey all the types and brands with their respective features, and then buy the one which suits your budget. Also, buy the one whose features are an absolute necessity for you. Some features may seem fancy but may not be of any use to you. It will be a total waste of money if you end up using none of those features.

For example, if you use your car just from work to home and vice versa, you would not need a GPS inbuilt Car Dash Cam, as you would be mostly familiar with the routes. So, first, prioritize your uses and then go for the best buy. 

Is Dash Cam Legal?

Yes, a Dash Cam is legal if it is used properly. The recordings are done publicly so there is no issue.

But if you record anything private then that is an invasion of privacy.

However, their installation is completely legal as per the Motor Acts, and you won’t face any charges or violations for installations of the same.

What type of recording does a Dash Cam do?

A Dash Cam can record both audio and video. This depends on the type of Dash Cam you buy. The video recording is mandatory but the audio can be optional. The dash cams have inbuilt memory and external storage like SD cards for storing video archives. You can easily access these videos on Dash Cam App. If you go for the high-end Dash Cams, they even give you live coverage of your car. This can be very useful if you have children or old people traveling with drivers.

Do Dash Cams work when the car is parked?

Yes, there are Dash Cams that work on inbuilt battery powers. So, these cams are alert and active even when the car engine is shut down. These cams save your car from unwanted damages and thefts. If you require the offline feature, be sure to choose the Dash Cam having the required feature.

What is the GPS feature of a Dash Cam?

A GPS for Dash Cam provides the live coverage along with the information about the speed and location of the vehicle. The app for Dash Cam can give you all the details of the journey on your phone or any device where the app is installed. Plus, you can never go wrong with the accurate GPS navigation that this device provides. 

The best dash cams you can buy

The GPS Dash Cam is also helpful in accidental cases to determine the location and time of the accident, and it even tells the speed at which the vehicle was driven or was the vehicle stationary.

To Conclude

Dash Cams may be considered as an optional accessory but they are as important as any other features of the car, and provide additional safety and security for the car. 

Nowadays many dash cams are in-built in the car for safety issues. And even if they are not inbuilt, they are being recommended by car sellers everywhere, and are sold as an extra accessory.

Dash Cams have proved to save many lives and also bring justice in many cases of road accidents. So, having a Dash Cam in the car with recording features is highly recommended. From parking to providing assistance in driving, it can help you in every way you need. It can even navigate you to places and keep your speed in control by proper warnings and messages.

So, buy a Dash Cam because it is better to be safe than sorry. 

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