Floor Jacks – All You Need to Know About

A floor jack is a special tool used to lift vehicles off the ground to carry repair or maintenance works. Floor jacks are very useful equipment and hence should be chosen quite carefully. You may have seen the scissor floor jack most frequently as they are the most commonly used jacks in everyday car service. By reading this guide you will discover that there are more floor jacks types than just scissor jacks.

How to choose the right floor jack?

While choosing the right floor jack for your work you have to keep many points into consideration. They are the weight of the vehicle, your budget, your usage, and the portability of the jack. 

If you own a garage or are a professional mechanic, your choice of the jack should be the heavy one like the floor jack 3 ton or above. If you want a jack to carry out maintenance and minute repairs of your cars then you should go for the basic car jack that fits in your budget.

Now that you are on this page, we will make sure that we answer every question in your mind related to floor jacks.

Why should you buy a good floor jack?

floor jack for car

A floor jack helps you to lift your vehicle at a considerable height no matter how heavy it is.

A good floor jack assures that the vehicle is lifted off the ground and is supported well.

Just imagine the disaster if the floor jack backfires, it will leave damages to everything and anything in the vicinity of the car.

So, it is very important to buy a good floor jack to assure that the car is supported well and the person working below it should be able to work at ease. One of the best floor jacks is manufactured by floor jack harbor freight. Their floor jacks are sturdy and completely reliable. 

The 3 different types of car jacks

Car jacks come in various types and sizes. The right type of floor jack depends on its usage and the weight it has to bear. But first, they are categorized into three basic categories:

  • Hydraulic Floor Jacks
  • Bottle Jacks
  • Scissors Jacks
There is also a farm jack available which is popular among farmers and off-roaders for the little tasks.

Hydraulic Floor Jacks

hydraulic floor jack

As the name suggests, these floor jacks work on the hydraulic mechanism. These are the toughest and most sturdy of floor jacks. They can lift heavy weights with ease and come with wheels. These are the favorites of a mechanic as they ease out the work. 

But one has to be very careful while choosing the right hydraulic jack as these require a little bit of training to be used. Floor jack lowes has many good hydraulic floor jack options to choose from.

Bottle Jacks

bottle floorjack

You will know a bottle jack when you see one. It’s a kind of hydraulic jack that resembles a shape of a bottle and has immense power to lift heavy weights. Bottle jacks are very handy to use. These can be used easily by amateurs too.

A floor jack 3 ton is the mostly used jack by SUV owners.

Bottle floor jacks are known for their capabilities of lifting heavy weights and stabilization, hence they are preferred floor jacks by truck and heavy vehicle drivers.

Scissor floor jacks

This is the most commonly used floor jack. This type of jack is generally provided by car manufacturers to fix minor issues like tire punctures etc. These jacks do not provide the best stability so should be kept handy for minor fixtures only.

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They should not be tried or experimented in lifting heavy materials as it may lead to disastrous results. For heavy works, the hydraulic floor jack should be preferred.

How to choose the right floor jack?

Choosing the right floor jack is very important no matter what work you are doing. The right floor jack assures that you perform the task with ease and confidence. There should be no fear in the mind while working beneath a vehicle.

While choosing the right floor jack always remembers to keep these three points in mind. 

Firstly, the weight that the jack has to lift. If you are going to use the floor jack for daily works and minor works of vehicles then a basic floor jack can be considered. But if you are going to use floor jacks for heavy works then heavy-duty floor jacks should be considered.

the right floor jack
For example, a 4-ton floor jack is ideal to lift heavy vehicles or heavy loads off the ground to a considerable height. 

Secondly, the height should be kept in mind, that is the height at which you want the floor jack to lift the weight. For example, a floor jack for a car has to bear the weight of the car and raise the car just for a person to slip beneath and work.

But if you need the floor jacks to lift heavy loads and work like lifts and carriers, you need heavy-duty floor jacks. And considerably the one with wheels.

And last but not least is the portability of the floor jack. Floor jacks are heavy so buying one with wheels should be the finest option. But again, if you are looking for minor works you can always opt for compact floor jacks. And if you need floor jacks for trucks, you should consider buying the heavy-duty one with wheels.

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Where to buy a good floor jack?

A floor jack should be bought by an authorized dealer. The dealer should have adequate knowledge of all the jacks. Once you explain to him your requirements, he should be able to give you the best one. 

The warranty and guarantee of the jacks should be considered. The floor jack parts and accessories should also be available with the dealer if the work demands. Floor Jack Advance Auto is one brand that provides the best parts and floor jacks. 

Buying a floor jack is a huge investment, so you should choose wisely while considering the dealer that you are buying it from. Check his reviews and talk to concerned people about their experiences.

How does floor jack work?

Floor jacks work on Pascal’s principle. The fluid is distributed evenly and the force of the hydraulic is proportion to the load and the height at which the load is lifted. So, the jack should be of heavy-duty, properly lubricated, and placed at proper place to evenly balance the load of the object being lifted.

Sometimes floor jack extensions are used when a little more help is required. These extensions give extra height support to the existing jack.

Where to place floor jack?

where to place floor jack

Generally, heavyweights and vehicles have jack points marked on them. So, try locating the jack points and placing the jacks exactly where mentioned.

Do not try to lift the weights or vehicles from a random place, it could be accidental. 

If you want to raise the weight to a considerable height you must always use floor jack high lift. The floor jack placement is very important as only when placed properly it does it work properly.

What floor jack should I buy?

You should buy the floor jack according to your use and budget. Plus, you should be able to handle the mechanisms of the floor jacks solely. If you have frequent heavy work with the floor jack you should go for the hydraulic one, and if you just want to buy for your car, a lowest profile floor jack like a basic scissor or bottle jack will also do. 

The weight of the load that you want to lift also determines the floor jack that you should go for. There are electric floor jacks also available in the market which ease the human effort.

What floor jack do I need?

The answer depends on whether you are buying a floor jack for professional or personal use. If you have a garage and business of automobiles you should go for the best and heavy-duty one. It should be compatible with all kinds of loads that you want to lift. 

You can decide the weight in tons once you have described your weight that you are going to deal with to the dealer. Also, you can choose from the aluminum floor jacks and steel floor jacks. But the latter ones are heavy duty.

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And if you want a floor jack for personal use, you could decide the best that fits in your budget. There are also floor jack sets available that are compact, have all the accessories, and are not heavy on the pocket.

How much does a floor jack weigh?

A floor jack can weigh anywhere around from 20 pounds to 4 tons or more. The more the weight of the jack the more powerful it is considered. And the weight of the jack is proportionate to the weight that it can lift. So, you got to be clear while buying the jack that how much maximum load you want the jack to lift.

Heavy-duty floor jacks come with floor jack stands and floor jack wheels. So, they are easy to place and carry around. 

How much floor jacks do I need?

Well, here it means how much weight of floor jack you need. And that completely depends on the weight you want the floor jack to lift. And also, the height at which you want the object to be lifted.

In general, if you own just one car then two floor jacks will be enough – one hydraulic and a scissor jack.

Small cars and MUVs can be lifted by scissors jacks and bottle jacks but SUVs and four-wheel-drive vehicles may require hydraulic jacks to balance the weight of the cars off the ground.

floor jacks

This also applies to any heavy load, machinery that the floor jack has to lift. The deadweight of the object should be considered a priority while choosing the weight of the floor jack that you are buying. There are also floor jacks or trolley jacks for you to choose from. Trolley jacks are heavy and are used to move and lift very heavy objects. On the other hand, floor jacks are used for heavy to medium weight lifting.

How to fix a floor jack?

A floor jack is an amazing tool that helps a lot with heavy works. If a floor jack gets broken, it can be fixed by you if there is minor damage. But if there are some major faults, it should be repaired by the professionals. 

The most common problem with floor jacks is that they get stuck. When this happens you just have to lubricate the jack with the right jack floor oils. You can also check for simple tutorials for floor jack bleeding for your model of jacks and get them working back to normal.


Floor jacks are immensely useful tools and come in handy anytime. These are an absolute must to whoever owns a vehicle and deals with heavy loads. When used properly and taken care of, floor jacks prove to be incredibly useful tools. 

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