Hitch Cargo Carriers: The Ultimate Guide

Going on a vacation can be a very great way to ease off stress and bond together as a family. However, nothing seems sadder and displeasing at this moment than being unable to pack up all that is necessary for the trip due to a limitation of free space in your car. Here is where hitch cargo carriers come in handy.

Unfortunately, the only time car owners learn about hitch cargo carriers is when they intend to plan a vacation or a similar event that involves loading up the car to the maximum capacity. Nonetheless, if you are here because you want to find out what the hitch cargo carrier does and how to max out on its use, you are just at the right place.

Why You Need a Hitch Cargo Carrier?

How then do you solve this problem by creating more space in your vehicle to accommodate more luggage? How would you manage to load the vehicle with more luggage? To avoid the breakdown of your car, you might want to drop off some important items. 

hitch cargo carrier box

This is where a hitch cargo carrier comes in. And in its best form, your trip could become the most enjoyable experience. The hitch cargo basket is the solution to your already-filled vehicle with the luggage you don’t want to offload.

They’re not just used to carry extra equipment that your vehicle cannot contain, a hitch cargo carrier is also used for activities that are carried out outdoor. You might want to employ a hitch cargo carrier to lift off a heavy material. Also, safety while driving your vehicle is a big priority.

Having installed a hitch cargo carrier with a bike rack, you can take your bikes wherever you want.

Hence, to give enough space for comfort to your family while traveling, a hitch cargo is best suited for your extra luggage. With it, you can have a peaceful driving experience. 

Besides safety for your road trip, bulky luggage in your car could hinder your visibility through the mirrors or any part of the car where your luggage is heaped up.

With the use of a hitch cargo carrier, your visibility is increased, giving you space to explore the best of your driving experience. 

How to Use a Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier?

You wouldn’t want to purchase a hitch cargo carrier box for your vehicle without knowing how to fix or use it. Well, you don’t have to worry about this because its method of usage is quite easy. When in use, you can mount it on the hitch of your vehicle or dismount when the carrier isn’t in use. 

All that is required of you is to arrange the components of the carrier, plug the storage box into your vehicle hitch, and using a hitch pin to slam it to your vehicle. Luckily, the hitch carrier or storage box could be tilted so that you can lock and unlock it whenever you stuff your load inside. This provides a smart way of locking whenever you’re traveling. 

A great advantage of your hitch carrier is its ability to withstand the pressure on the road.

The system is designed in such a way to secure your gear system and make it safe for your greatest pleasure. All you have to do is to fix the hitch cargo bag on your vehicle after assembling its parts, and closing or locking up the lid of the storage box for safety whenever you’re traveling. A hitch cargo rack is made up of several components.  These include:

hitch mount cargo carrier
  • Hitch rack 
  • Hitch basket 
  • Car luggage rack 
  • Car top carrier 
  • Hitch storage box 
  • Tow hitch rack 
  • Cargo basket 
  • An aluminum hitch cargo carrier
  • Carrack storage 
  • Rare cargo carrier

How to Choose a Folding Cargo Carrier for Hitch?

It’s needful to say that there are myriads of cargo carriers in the market today and your ability to choose the best will provide you with greater benefits. Before choosing a folding cargo carrier for your hitch, you should be on the lookout for the following characteristics:

  • Time Effect for fixing the carrier: There are folding carriers that are relatively easy to fix. While there are others that are time-consuming. For instance, the highest-rated cargo, known as the editor’s pick is known for its time-consuming capacity when fixing it on the vehicle hitch.  
  • Weight Capacities or tongue weight capacity (TWC): You should consider choosing a folding cargo with the maximum tongue weight capacity. This refers to the maximum pressure your vehicle hitch can withstand when driving. An example of a hitch cargo that fits into this category is the cargo bag that has waterproof resistance. Designed in the cargo bag are internal pockets for holding minute items for safety. 
  • Quality control: Some folding cargo carrier comes with pins (the best form of control on the hitch). But there are others with bolts—this makes dismounting the cargo Carrier very tiresome. 
  • Coating material: You should consider selecting a cargo carrier with an anti-rust coating. This would prevent the steel component of the hitch from rusting. 
hitch cargo basket
  • Compact design and in-built reflection: The construction or design of your hitch cargo is very important, so give attention to this whenever you want to choose one. Since it is fixed closer to the exhaust of the vehicle, intense heat could burn your storage hitch. Hence, you may have to select a folding cargo with heavy material such as steel. 
  • It is worthy of note that some vehicles do not come with hitches, hence before you think of selecting a cargo carrier, you should consider installing a hitch to your car first. 
  • To avoid the stress of mounting and dismounting the hitch cargo-carrier, you should consider how often you’ll be using the hitch carrier. This is needful because there are hitch carriers that are tough to install and it could be time-consuming when you have to do this every day. 
  • Depending on the material with which the hitch cargo carrier is made, you should consider the weather condition before selecting a hitch cargo. 

How to Install a Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier?

Installing a Maxx Haul hitch mount cargo carrier is similar to the way a hitch cargo is loaded. First, you need to slide the bracket on the cargo carrier to the rack. The rack is in form of a framework for holding the bolts and nuts.

After the bracket is into the rack, the brackets are pinned using screws of suitable size. As soon as this is done, there’s a need to secure the stake pocket after drilling a hole on each side of the pocket and inserting a plate into it. This is meant to secure the pocket.

installing a hitch mount cargo box

In as much as the pocket is secured, you can make a drill of the line where the bolts are fastened to the rack. Finally, you can torque whatever is left to get the mount cargo carrier more secured and tightened enough. 

For the sake of security and protection, it is important to lock your hitch cargo carrier. How do you do this? Using a lock security system, such as the 2-inch receiver cargo lock, you can lock your cargo carriers with the locking pin and clip. Using an 8ft cable, you can fold up any item on the carrier to enhance security.

How Much Weight to Carry and To Load a Hitch Cargo Carrier?

Are you ready for the largest hitch cargo carrier? The weight to carry or load on your receiver hitch cargo carrier is highly dependent on the hitch size of the vehicle. Vehicles have different receivers for various hitch cargo carriers. The hitch size or weight is the internal measurement of the vehicle hitch receiver.

And to truly understand the weight to carry on the vehicle’s receiver hitch, there’s a need to know the class and strength of the vehicle’s hitch. Generally, hitches are broken into five classes with their respective, approximate weight capacity:

  • Class I or Light hitches 100-150 lbs.
  • Class II or Light-medium hitches 200-250 lbs.
  • Class III or Heavy hitches 350-400 lbs.
  • Class IV or Heavy hitches 400-450 lbs.
  • Class V or Extra Heavy hitches 500+ lbs.

As much as it depends on your vehicle, loading a hitch cargo tray could be done through the following five processes:

The first step in loading your hitch cargo carrier is by taking the measurements of your vehicle. As an example, using tape, you should measure the front and rear wheel of the vehicle. By measuring the hitch cargo, you’re able to determine the weight capacity, height, and size of the cargo carrier and receiver carrier when they are to be fixed on the hitch of the vehicle.

trailer hitch rack

 After you have taken your vehicle’s measurements, the next step is to also measure and fix the weight distribution shank on the hitch. Accurate measurements allow the hitch to be fixed in the right place. Make necessary adjustments, by rotating and tilting the head of the shafts. Mount the carrier box and tighten the bolts or fix the pins as the case may be. Fully tighten the bolts to avoid swaying of the hitch cargo carrier when in use. 

What Can be Carried in a Hitch Cargo Carrier? 

You might be wondering what exactly could be loaded in your hitch cargo carrier. As much as it depends on the hitch capacity of the vehicle, a hitch cargo carrier can carry both light and heavy equipment.

car rack storage

Some of these items a hitch cargo can carry include bags, shoes, camping items, lawn materials, household items, clothes, lawnmowers or mobility scooters, coolers, gear, buckets, and many other items. 

Unlike the hitch cargo carrier that could be fastened on the rare side of the vehicle, the better roof cargo carrier, as the name implies, refers to the cargo carrier that is fastened on the top of the vehicle. It is mainly known for its ease of use, security, and safety.  In its simplest form, a hitch rack mount is a form of the rack on the carrier that enters into the receivers of a hitch on a vehicle.


The hitch cargo carrier basket is one of the best gifts you can offer your vehicle. To increase the spacing capacity of your vehicle, a hitch carrier is a perfect design for you.

For accessibility, you should select carriers with high load capacity; varying styles— depending on the hitch of your vehicle. You should also consider its versatility and flexibility; and its general durability.

Hitch cargo carrier box is a necessity for any car owner, it is, therefore, advisable that you get one for yourself to save you the stress of having to look for one when the need arises.

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