Mirror Dash Cam – Everything You Need To Know

What is a mirror dash cam?

A mirror dash cam is a video recording device used while driving on and off the road. The position of a mirror dash cam is different from that of a regular dash cam. The mirror dash cam attaches to the rear view mirror in your car. It displays the footage from the rear and front cameras and also acts as the rear mirror. 

Dash cams serve different purposes. They can protect you from fraud and serve as useful evidence in the case of a fender-bender. They can also help you become a better driver.

How does a mirror dash cam work?

A mirror dash cam records videos while you drive. It is also capable of taking photos. You can hotwire a mirror dash cam to power on when you start your car or you can set it to run on the car battery or any other power source. 

A mirror dashcam records short videos 3-5 minutes each. All these videos are saved on a compatible memory card. The loop record function on mirror dash cams delete old videos to make room for new videos. You can share these files through the SD card or other means of connection, such as Wi-FI.

Is the mirror dash cam legal?

is mirror dash cam legal

The use of a dash cam must follow the rules and regulations of your region/country. These rules vary from country to country (and from state to state in some cases). Dash cams are illegal in some countries like Switzerland because of the strict surveillance laws.

A dash cam must not obscure your vision. There are also issues with electronic surveillance. Using a dash cam illegally can get you fined. It can also invalidate your statement in court in the case of a collision.

Mirror dash cams help solve this problem. Since they occupy the space taken by the rear mirror, they do not significantly block your vision. 

Yes, the mirror dash cam is legal.

If you are still concerned, you should seek professional help.

How to install a mirror dash cam

Tinkering your car’s electric system can be harmful to you and your car. We recommend you leave it to a professional if you find it too technical. If you love a challenge, then dash cam installation is easy and fun. 

You should make sure the car engine is not running while you install your mirror dash cam.

The mirror dash cam uses either the cigarette lighter or the fuse box as a power source.

The display of the dash cam is easy to mount on the rear view mirror. They come with clips. Just simply place the display over the rear view mirror and secure it with the clips.

mirror dah cam intsallation

The next thing to do is to connect the power cord to the cigarette lighter. If yours is not compatible with the cigarette lighter, you will need to connect it with the fuse box. 

Connect the power and the backup camera cable to the mirror. Hide the power cable in the headliner. You can use a trim tool or a card to tuck it in. 

 Pass the power cable in the A-pillars and B pillars, then hide it in the rubber of the A-pillar down to the mat. Use the mat as a cover for the rest of the wire, then plug it to your cigarette lighter.

How to install backup camera?

backup camera

You require a few more steps for the backup camera cable. You will also need some tools for this. A good position to install it is where the license plate is located.

Remove the license plate with an appropriate screwdriver. The next thing you should do is remove the interior panel of the trunk. 

 Drill through the trunk and use a rubber washer to hold the camera in place (you need to choose a washer large enough for the hole). Pass the wire through the trunk of the car.

Locate the reverse light wires and connect the backup camera wires to it. It is important you connect the positive wires together and the negative together.

 Run the wire through the trunk and hide it through the headliner and connect it to the display. 

Buying a dash cam with a wireless rear camera reduces some of this stress.

How to hard-wire the dash cam to the fuse box?

mirror camera wiring

You need a hard-wiring kit to connect your dash cam to the fusebox. 

You need to find the fuse box and determine the fuse you want to use. You will have to turn the engine on and off for this. 

 Use a circuit tester to find a constant fuse. After you have found a constant fuse, determine if it is an ignition-switched fuse. 

Once you have found it, connect the cable with the fuse. This may leave your fuse box exposed, depending on the hardware of your mirror dash cam.

How to use a mirror dash cam.

how to use mirror dah cam

Using a mirror dash cam after you have installed is easy. Smart mirror dash cams have displays that are clear and crisp. 

The display lets you toggle through the different features of the camera. You can select the resolution, the field of view, and adjust other settings. Some displays can give you video feed from the rear and the front camera simultaneously. 

You can use the Display like your regular rear view mirror. All you need to do is turn off the Display.

How to choose the best mirror with dash cam.

There are several things to consider when choosing a car mirror dash cam. You need one that is good enough to capture high levels of detail, both at day and at night. 

The resolution is perhaps the most important thing to consider in a mirror dash cam. A mirror dash cam should be good enough to capture information like the license plate number and other signs on the road. For the best result, you should not go lower than 720p. This should be enough to make out signs and numbers on the road. 

 With a 1080p mirror dash cam, you will get cleaner and more crisp videos. Dash cams with 4k resolution are superb. The only problem is that the file size for 4k footage is large. You will need large storage if you want to shoot only in this resolution. 

This brings us to the next thing to consider when buying a mirror dash cam.

More storage lets you store more videos. The size of video files depends on the resolution the camera shoots in. High-resolution cameras have a large file size. For instance, a 32 GB memory card can take 4 hours of footage in 1080p resolution. 

 Loop recording ensures that you never run out of space while recording minute video on a dash cam will be around. If you decide to shoot in a high resolution, you will need a good-quality, high-speed memory card. We recommend a class 10 memory card.

The sensor of the camera is also essential. Many dash cameras can lure you in with a high resolution but still, look bad. You should look for high-quality sensors that will ensure your videos are top-notch.

 Another useful sensor in mirror dash cams is the G-sensor. This G-sensor locks the footage during a crash to preserve it as useful evidence.

Nighttime footage
A good mirror dash cam must be able to provide usable footage at night. A lot of accidents occur at night. Having a camera that performs well in low light is a must. An excellent mirror dash cam should have a wide dynamic range or high dynamic range.

 Wide dynamic range lets the camera capture different images at different brightness and combines it into one to give you clear footage at all times. A high dynamic range allows the sensor to capture and process more light to give a more detailed image.

best mirror dash cam
The display of the mirror must be crisp and clean. It should also come with a friendly user interface for easy use and set up.
A mirror dash cam with sat nav will help track your position while driving. This can be useful in identifying important areas during a journey.
Having multiple options for connecting with other devices makes file transfer smooth and easy. You can buy dash cams which are Wi-Fi enabled. You can also transfer videos through the SD card.

Is the HD Mirror Cam any good these days?

hd mirror dash cam

Unlike the modern full-HD or even 4K dashcams models, the old HD mirror cam is aimed at users on a budget who need a dash cam with a minimum price. It might come with the features of a good mirror dashcam. It records videos in 720p, has looped recording, G-sensor, and other features. 

Unfortunately, The HD mirror cams are so outdated and that’s why they score low in many mirror dash cam reviews. Countless users have had bad experiences with this mirror dash cam these days. 

These users who bought cheap dashcam reported that the camera wasn’t durable and stopped working after a couple of days. 

Good alternatives to the HD mirror cam are the Full-HD mirror dash cam with 360 degree view and the Awesafe mirror camera, which we have reviewed on our site here.


A mirror dash cam is an essential device for your car. They capture every moment you spend on the road. They come with very handy features aside from recording videos from the front and rear cameras. They can help with insurance claims and improve your driving. Installing one is also quite easy. You already know the things to look out for in a mirror dash cam. All that is left is for you to buy one.

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