Shock Absorbers: Everything You Need To Know

If you have been driving for quite some time now, you probably know about shock absorbers in cars. And if you do not already know about shock absorbers, let us first understand what they are and why they are extremely crucial for your safety whenever you are driving.

What are Shock Absorbers for?

shock absorbers scheme

Shock absorbers and springs are the car parts that balance or control any excessive and unwanted movement of the car. They are pressure-driven (oil) siphon like gadgets which help to control and maintain the bounce back movement effect for the car’s suspension and springs.

Alongside smoothening out knocks and vibrations, shock absorbers’ main primary job is to guarantee that car’s tires are always in contact with road surface consistently, which guarantees the best steering level and slowing down reaction for the car.

So how does a shock absorber work and can a shock absorber be adjusted?

how shock absorber works

The shock absorber in a car does its work by controlling the movement of the wheels. The springs themselves retain knocks and changes in the street surfaces. And the dampers at that point control/hose the development of the wheels after that. Without them, the wheels of the vehicle will ricochet here and there wildly every time you go over a knock. This isn’t just awkward yet additionally perilous! These two things joined will bring about the tires putting some distance between the ground. 

How long do shock absorbers last?

Like any other part of the car, shock absorbers also are prone to damage with the regular wear and tear, especially with them working extra into keeping your car moving smoothly on the road. 

Shock absorbers generally last for up to 4 to 5 years before you need to change them for the better functioning of your car. But if you want to know if your car’s dampers have already gone bad or have worn out, you will immediately notice it when those absorbers cause vibrations.

This happens because when the absorbers are worn out, they cause a barrier to the tyres running smoothly by staying on the surface of the road. The tyres seem to immediately bounce up and down on an uneven road. Because of this damage, shock absorbers make noise and cause the car to vibrate. As the condition worsens, shock absorbers leak oil too which is when you get a clear sign that you immediately need to change your shock absorbers. 

Can Shock Absorbers be repaired?

shock absorbers repair

Many people believe that shock absorbers cannot be repaired and you would compulsorily have to get new ones even if it is a minor damage. Well, the good news is that you can very well get the shock absorbers repaired. 

Shock absorbers can be repaired in 2 ways, either by repairing the broken parts of it or completely reconditioning it. You will have to change 4 shock absorbers at once which will very likely burn a hole in your pocket so repairing them in case of minor damages is the best option. 

Shock absorbers diagnostic

Longer slowing down intervals is another method of identifying worn dampers. Poor cornering is another identification in addition to the car nose braking. Every one of those things is hard to survey except if you’re mindful of your vehicle’s dynamic capacities. You have to comprehend what they resemble and how they have changed. Saying that, if you believe that the vehicle isn’t as acceptable to drive, or as secure out and about as it used to be, going along to a decent service center to have the stuns tried is the best decision. 

A snappy DIY diagnostics test you can attempt by yourself is to just push down hard on the wing of the vehicle. Try to go rapidly and check whether your car bobs.

A working damper will pack, bounce back, and promptly settle. A shock absorber that has malfunctions will definitely bounce multiple times before it settles once more.

Are Shock Absorbers expensive? 

As much as car suspension is necessary, the car suspension parts are surely not too easy-going on the budget. Shock absorbers cost anywhere between $50 to $150 per piece and getting 4 of them will add up to quite an amount. But when your absorbers start leaking oil, consider it as a big problem that will not go away simply by repairing it. 

In this scenario, it is best to go for shock absorbers replacement as the repaired ones will not be able to absorb the same intensity of shock like before and its efficiency will water down a great deal.

How to choose the shock absorbers?

how to choose the shock absorbers

For a car shock absorber to work appropriately, it ought to fulfill certain prerequisites. These range from a material of development, measurements, and structure. Shock absorber makers make these gadgets in various kinds.

It is fundamental to consider the details while picking the sort and brand to purchase. Also, how they coordinate with your sort of vehicle. 

Shock absorber materials

The materials used in an absorber can influence its exhibition. Various materials are utilized to make the body of these gadgets, the most well-known being steel and aluminum. 

The best material should suit the kind of vehicle, driving conditions, and different necessities. 

shock absorbers type

Steel dampers don’t cost a ton, which settles on them being a decent decision for most vehicles. Nonetheless, they are heavier than aluminum stuns and sometimes fall short for applications, for example, race vehicles. Steel stuns likewise don’t consider modifications. 

Despite these inadequacies, shock absorbers produced using steel are a well-known alternative.

The stuns highlight various structures and produce fluctuated execution attributes. Some shock absorber brands and their structures are more popular than others for obvious reasons. Working instruments additionally differ. 

Mono cylinder safeguard is a kind of stun that utilizes a solitary chamber. Inside the chamber is a cylinder that pushes the water driven liquid to control spring and vehicle suspension movement. 

The plan delivers superior stuns that produce great outcomes in extreme driving conditions.

How long does a shock absorber last?

A shock absorber generally lasts for 5 years. Well, they do not have an exact expiration date but your car will start telling you that the shock absorber needs to be replaced. When you apply brakes to the car, the car jerks and so does your body. 

What is a Shock Absorber and when do you need to change it? - Olive Press  News Spain
Also, when your shock absorbers go bad, your car starts tilting on one side.

So basically, the life of a shock absorber lasts the more if you brake smoothly. The more recklessly you drive, the less time your shock absorber will last. 

Apart from your driving, the roads that your car travels also determine how long the shock absorber will last. Rough roads and potholes make the shock absorbers worn out and thus shorten their life.


This is all the basic information you needed to know about shock absorbers and why it is so important to get the right ones for your car. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments section.

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