The Ultimate Guide to Thule Roof Boxes

“Travel light” has become more of a proverb these days. Because the truth is that it’s not always easy to travel light. Whether you are traveling alone or with your loved ones, whether you are traveling on a leisure or solo trip, there are so many things that you may need to carry, and here is where car’s rooftop cargo boxes come to play. 

The mind plays weird games while packing- ‘what if I need this?’, ‘What if I did not pack this?’ ‘I don’t think this might be available there.’ Such questions tend to arise and you keep on stuffing your bags with all kinds of stuff. 

Then when your bags are packed, you look at the huge bounty and then at your car. 

“Ok, where will we sit if the car fits in all the luggage?” 

This question was answered by the Thule brand years ago, and they are still doing it.

Thule designs the best roof boxes and Thule racks to assure that all your luggage travels safely with you and does not create pressures on the car nor compromise your comfort level. The roof boxes are customized according to the cars and needs of the people. If you got confused with the options when buying a car, wait till you see the options Thule provides while buying roof boxes. 

In this article, we will give complete clarity on the roof boxes that are available in the market by answering to all the prominent questions. So, undoubtably this is going to be your best buying guide.

How to attach a cargo carrier to the roof rack?

A cargo carrier can be easily fitted on the roof rack of your car. You may have a roof rack that was provided to you by the manufacturer of the car or you may need to install it. But whatever the case, it is mandatory to have a roof rack for a cargo carrier. 

Before attaching the cargo carrier double check that you have bought the carrier that is compatible with the design and weight of the car. The shape of the carrier should not interfere with any openings or the windshield of the car. 

Once this is checked, place the carrier on the roof rack according to the instructions and keep the opening to the side for better convenience. If you need to carry large objects and need the opening at the back, make sure the opening does not interfere with the boot of your car or does not block the rearview. 

Once you have securely placed the carrier on the rack, fix the bolts firmly and tightly. These fittings are generally inside the carrier box and they attach securely to the roof rack. Some carrier boxes may have extra loops and belts to fasten properly. Go through the instruction manual thoroughly before attaching them.

How to mount a cargo carrier to a roof rack?

thule rooftop box mount

When buying a car top carrier, always remember that it should be an easy task to mount and unmount it. You should not travel with empty carrier boxes as it can be dangerous. 

To mount a cargo box, you may need a person to pick it up and both of you can securely place the carrier on the roof rack. This has to be done with utmost care and safety. You should not damage the roof box or scratch the car while doing so. 

Mounting an empty roof box on the car is an easy task. Once mounted in the right position, you can secure it by fastening the bolts. The bolts are generally placed on the inside of the roof carriers to guarantee safety. 

Some roof carriers come with a sliding roof mounting system. These come with claw-like clamps that get attached to the roof racks. These clamps are sturdy enough to attach to the roof rack and hold the carrier in its place.

How to hang the Thule roof cargo box easily in your garage?

thule rooftop hang howto

Thule cargo carriers can be stored safely in garages. To avoid the space problem, Thule has designed a hanging storage system that can store your luggage carrier securely when not in use. This helps to save space in the garage. 

The roof storage system consists of a pulley system that mounts on the ceiling of the garage. Strong ropes are provided to be attached to the roof box and there is rubber padding provided at appropriate spaces to avoid scratches. Then the crank system allows the user to pull the ropes and hang the roof box securely on the roof. 

These pulley systems are easy to use and can handle a weight of up to 220 pounds. This storage is the best solution for roof rack storage as they are great space savers. You only have to clean the boxes regularly to save them from rust and other damages. These roof storage systems can store your canoes, kayaks, and other big equipment and save a lot of valuable floor space. 

What is the largest cubic foot rooftop cargo basket?

The largest roof box is the Thule Motion XT XXL. This box has a whooping capacity of holding 165 pounds of gear and 22 cubic feet. It is 91.5 inches long and 18 inches tall. Once you buy this ultimate storage box you are unlikely to need any extra storage space for your car. It has ease of access with openings on both sides. Despite being huge in size, it fits securely on an average-sized car and does not interfere with the front, back, or sides of the car.

Thule Motion XT XXL

The Thule Motion XT XXL looks amazingly stylish with its glossy finish and attractive design. This is one accessory that you will want to boast about. It carries your luggage securely and with style. It is easy to install and also comes with a pop-up lid to remove and put things at the last moment. 

To confirm that the box is securely placed on the top of your car, this box comes with clamps that make a loud click sound when the roof box is secured in position with the roof rack. This storage is also the best option as compared to a roof rack basket to carry all your luggage.

How to repair a roof top cargo box?

thule rooftop box repair

Damaging a rooftop carrier involves denting, cracking, loosening of nuts, or having to replace a damaged part. These damages range from light to severe. If you have dented or cracked your rooftop carrier minorly, you could use the equipment or liquids that are available to repair cracks. 

This includes a procedure to fill up or paint the crack and it becomes invisible. If there are loose nuts or you need a part to be replaced, the kits and parts are always available online. You could buy the appropriate item, go through the instruction manual, and fix them on your own.

Roof cargo carriers are easy to repair and seldom require professional help. If you buy rooftop carriers from authentic brands, they will provide you with all the help and the parts on their official websites. Some carriers also come with warranty and extended warranty to save you from the hassles of repairing everything yourself.

But no matter how big or small your repair is, go through the instruction manual intricately before starting any DIY repairs.

How to secure a cargo carrier to roof rack?

It is very easy to install the cargo carriers to the rooftops of your car. Once you have a sturdy car roof rack attached to your car, installing the cargo carrier securely becomes an easy job. Begin by placing the cargo carrier safely on the roof rack. 

The position of the carrier should be exactly placed like in the instruction manual. Once put in place, you will need to fasten the bolts from inside of the box to the roof rack for car. Use proper equipment while doing so and double-check by trying to move the carrier box with proper force. 

rooftop box cargo

The clamp mounting system comes with a sound indicator to tell you that the roof boxes are placed securely on top of the car. The loud click-sound of the clamp getting attached to the roof rack and the carrier box is the confirmation that the box is securely in place.

Use the right bolts, fasteners to secure the cargo carrier. Do not use any optional screws or bolts. Use the one that is provided with the cargo carriers by the company. Securing the carrier box is of utmost importance to prevent any accidents or mis-happenings.

Where can I buy a rooftop cargo carrier?

Rooftop cargo carriers should be bought from authenticated dealers like Thule or from the Amazon store. They have been designing roof carrier boxes for ages now and they are doing pretty well. Roof boxes are a serious investment, so go through all possible options before buying them. 

You could buy a rooftop box online from the dealer’s website or any other automotive website too. Just read the reviews properly before buying. Also, consider the size and weight that your car roof basket can manage. And check if you will be able to install the storage box yourself or you will need the company to install it for the first time.

How to build a rooftop cargo carrier by yourself?

If you are planning to build a rooftop carrier on your own, it is not a safe idea. You should try and go for the companies that make rooftop carriers and buy it from them. But if you insist on making a rooftop carrier for your car on your own, then there are many DIY videos available online. You might just need long boxes, some fasteners, belts, and other things to hold the storage carrier in place.

To have an all-weather rooftop, you could use plastic coverings and rubber. You could cover the car rack with a box and provide a nice cover made of cardboard, plastic, or any other type of covering. Building a rooftop carrier may seem easy but it is always a good idea to talk to the car specialists before taking the car on long drives or adventurous holidays.

To Conclude

Car rooftop carriers are the best option for car storage. They provide freedom to travelers to carry as much luggage as they want. Storing luggage on the roof of the car provides the comfort of seating and movement in the car. 

The all-weather boxes also assure that your luggage is safe and secure on the top of the car without being damaged by heat, rain, or snow. Car roof storage boxes are customized according to the user and you can plan your buy accordingly. 

If you are traveling with kids or pets, we can understand the supplies that you have to travel with. So, a roof box will provide ample storage for all your needs and you will have no worries of compromising on your luggage.

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