Why Do You Need Car Floor Mats [Ultimate Guide]?

Buying a car is an expensive investment. Once purchased, we do everything to keep it in order and prevent any damage. Intimate care is taken for the interiors and the exteriors of the car. Whatever is suitable in our budget, we try to give the best to the car. 

In this ‘best things’ we need to include an accessory which is often not given attention to but is very important for the hygiene and sanity of the car. And this my friend, are the car floor mats. Car floor mats are an essential commodity that comes in various varieties. 

Ranging from normal rubber mats to premium and super quality floor mats, floor mats are even made to order. 

car floor mat

Good quality floor mats help at keeping the car, free from molds, stains, spillage, etc. The weather in which you thrive is also important in deciding the right kind of floor mats. In the rainy season, the floor mats provide maximum safety for the car from getting dirty with muddy and watery shoes. 

The best car floor mats are a blessing in disguise if you are traveling with kids, pets, or people who have car sickness. 

So, today we will answer all the possible questions related to car floor mats.

Why do you need a floor mat in your car?

Car floor mats are the protection of the carpets or the flooring of your car. They prevent any liquid or solid to leave a stain on the fixed flooring of the car. Also, they provide additional protection by not allowing any substance to leak from the floor and provide any possible damage to the floor of the car.

Auto floor mats are designed to be removable and washable so that the car floor is clean all of the time. This helps in preventing bad odor in the car.

Next, we have custom-fit floor mats, that are the best choice to make your car look good but you need to spend a little bit more for customized mats. 

How to choose a good car floor mat?

To choose the best car floor mat you should decide whether you want a rubber floor mat, a carpet floor mat, or a combination of both. This choice will greatly depend on the type of weather that you live in. 

car floor carpet

If it is wintry and dry you could go for the winter car mats or the carpeted mats. Similarly, if it is rainy, humid, or snowy you need to opt for the rubber ones or the combination. And there is also an option of all-weather car mats. These are compatible with all kinds of weather. 

While choosing the right mats, make sure to cross-check the quality of the mats, they should not produce odor after a certain time of use, nor should the material break. And they should also adhere to the safety, rules, and regulations of the government.

They should fit perfectly onto your car floor and be no obstacle whatsoever.

How to clean car floor mats?

Cleaning the car floor mat is extremely important for their long and healthy life. To clean carpeted floor mats, you need to remove them from the car carefully. Be sure not to spill any solid or liquid dirt on the factory flooring of the car and use proper car floor carpet cleaner. 

Shake off the mat to spill the solid debris and then using a vacuum, clean the entire mat briskly. Also vacuum the corners of the car wherein the mat was placed, to make it free from the debris. Once both the sides of the mat are cleaned meticulously, place it back on the car floor

Also, vacuum the place from where the mat had been removed. Let the mats dry for a couple of hours before putting them back. If it is urgent, dry them completely with a towel or a clean dry cloth.

To keep your best floor mats tidy and stain-free, it is necessary to clean them at regular intervals. 

How to make Weathertech mats looks new?

To clean a Weathertech mat and keep it in the best condition, you need to clean them with the Techcare floor mat cleaner. This cleaner has all the essential formulas to remove the worst dirt and clean the mat thoroughly. 

car floor mats covers

Once you remove the floor mats, spray them with the liquid and scrub gently. Then wash off the mats thoroughly. Post that you should apply the Techcare conditioner for floor mats. This conditioner retains the shine in the mats and helps them to look nice. Just spray the conditioner on the mats and spread it with a sponge or soft cloth.

If you do not have the Techcare products, you can wash the mats with soap and water and let them dry. But try using the Techcare conditioner for floor mats for cars for that additional newness.

How to clean rubber car mats?

Rubber car mats are easy to clean and maintain. Carefully remove the mats from the car preventing any spillage on the main floor. Then shake off to remove any solid dirt. 

Wet the floor mat and scrub it with a soft brush using soap water. Post that clean the rubber mat with the help of the hosepipe. Check intimately to see if you have got rid of grease and stains. Dry with a soft cloth or hang till they dry automatically.

How To Clean Car Floor Mats Like a Pro | Car Bibles

If you have rubber weathertech mats, the Techcare liquid for car floor mats and car liners work the best. The Techcare conditioner is said to have shown the best cleaning and shining results for car floor mats.

How to clean car carpet mats?

To clean car carpet mats, vacuuming is the best option. It promises clean, stain-free, and odorless mats. Maintaining carpet mats is a bit tougher than rubber mats. So, if you want to clean carpet mats, make sure you have a good vacuum cleaner.

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Remove the mats and vacuum them intimately on the front and back sides. If you think the mats have gone too dirty you can always opt for dry cleaning. 

But check the details for cleaning the mat from the manufacturer. If you have weathertech mats, they have special Techcare cleaners and conditioners to keep their mats in the best conditions.

How to hold floor mats in place?

The design of the floor mat should be customized in such a way that it does not move, and sits comfortably in its position. It should also not displace or provide a hindrance to people moving in and out of the car or to the ones driving the car.

To assure that your floor mats are held in place align them properly with the floor. Plus, if they have latches, pegs or holders attach them firmly so that they don’t move from their place.

The floor mats for trucks have large pegs so that they are held firmly to the floor of the trucks.

How to keep floor mats from sliding?

While purchasing car mats you should know the exact dimensions of the floor of the car. This helps in keeping the car mats in place and prevent them from sliding. 

Car floor mats nowadays are designed according to the exact dimensions of the floors of the respective cars. So, make sure you buy the right one and of the best quality.

To add more to keep the mats in place, you can buy the mats with latches or pegs to keep them from sliding.

How to wash floor mats?

Washing rubber mats is quite easy but washing a carpet mat requires some study. 

washing car floor mats

Rubber mats can be washed with basic soap and water to keep them clean. For further cleanliness and to add shine to the mat you can use cleaners, detergents, and conditioners that are specially manufactured for car floor mats. These products help in keeping the car floor mats in their best health.

If you need to wash carpet floor mats or a combination of carpet and rubber mats, you need to thoroughly understand the manufacturer’s instructions before washing them. Vacuuming is the best option but you can also opt for mild detergents of cleaners defined especially for these types of mats.

Where to buy car floor mats?

Car floor mats should be bought from authenticated dealers who know their work. 

Buying cheap car mats can lead to rubber cracks in the mat and also leave a typical odor in the car. The car floor mat dealers should advise you with the best car mats for your car. You can also go for custom floor mats if you have faith in the dealer. 

The faith is important because custom floor mats can be pricey so the investment should be made thoughtfully. 

So, check the reviews of the vendors and then go for the vendor who has more experience and the best reviews.


Buying and maintaining a car floor mat is really important for the car. The best car floor mats assure that your car is clean. This leaves a positive impression of you on whoever is traveling in your car. Plus, you will feel great when your car is spick and span and free of odors and stains!

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